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Civil Society Participation in Global Fund Governance: Recommendations and Actionable Items.


Cornman H.  Duvvury N. 


April 2005



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International Center for Research on Women (ICRW)


civil society, Governance, vulnerable groups, access

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A Ford Foundation-funded desk review of Global Fund (GF) documents, and analysis of interviews with key informants.


To review the role of civil society (CS) in the governance of the Fund.


The ICRW conducted a series of interviews with key informants, and reviewed a wide range of key GF documents including a GF study of 20 Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCM). Insufficient information is provided in this review to assess its methodological quality.


Overall, the report finds that Civil Society plays a “promising but uneven” role within the Fund. More specifically…

  • The leadership of the GF was supportive of CS participation at Board level, but this support was inadequate.
  • At the CCM level, CS participation was far less effective and meaningful. Lack of commitment to CS participation; lack of any assessment process; stigma and discrimination; and poor procedures characterised the relationship between CCMs and CS.
  • There were financial constraints to participation.
  • Whilst the GF was committed to openness and transparency, access to GF documents continued to be a problem for CS.
  • The report also highlighted a critical gap in communication between CS representatives on the Board and the broader CS community at country level.
  • Communication amongst CCM members was also emphasised notably the failure of Principal Recipients to share progress updates, communication and understanding of members roles within CCM, and absence of performance indicators.
  • The lack of a systematic integration of gender issues into the GF was a significant gap in its structure, policies and processes.
  • Recommendations by the GFs Gender Working group had not been thoroughly reviewed or implemented.

Conclusions /

  • Better monitoring and evaluation of the quality of participation by CS was needed.
  • Capacity by CS to engage in, and be effective at, consensus-building needed to be strengthened.


Further information can be obtained from Aisling Walsh or from Neil Spicer, or from any of the individual country researchers.

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