Criteria for Inclusion of a Study in the GHI Database

The criteria used for inclusion of data in the database are:

  • Documents must either provide or report on data about (i) one or more GHIN priority research themes, and (ii) one or more GHIs studied within the network
  • The documents must be based on either (i) primary qualitative or quantitative research data; (ii) independent, external, or internal evaluations of one or more of the GHIs; (iii) analysis of secondary data that present new findings or knowledge. 
  • The document must have an outline of methods explaining how data were collected, analysed, or synthesised,

Document Summaries

A feature of the database is a ‘document summary’ page for each entry in the database. This provides a 250 word (approx) summary of the type of study, aims, methods, findings, and recommendations/conclusions of the document. There is a full web address and, where available, a link to a pdf for each document.

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