Useful Resources

  • Review of health journals
  • GHIN Background and briefing document, November 2008 (.pdf 2.78mb)
  • A GHIN Generic Guide to Research Practice (African Studies) (.pdf 130kb)
  • GHIN Advocacy and Dissemination Strategy (.pdf 122kb)
  • GHIN Network Briefing Leaflet (.pdf 108kb)
  • GHIN African District Studies ? Detailed Research Questions and Methods (.pdf 62kb)
  • Guide to National Level Interviewing (EU GHI Consortiuum) (.pdf 150kb)
  • Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan Research Questions and Methods (.pdf 65kb)


GHIN country teams developed common research questions relevant to their epidemics, whilst also adapting these to specific country contexts. This has led to the development of generic tools for concentrated and generalised epidemics which have been built on and improved by various country teams leaving scope for them to be adapted to country contexts. In this section you will find tools from Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Zambia    These have been improved over two phases of research. Some problems have emerged with some sections. GHIN has begun to document some of the lessons learned from the field and plan to document this over the coming months.

 District Tools ? Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine

  •  Sub-national-level stakeholders: AIDS Centre senior staff/manager (.pdf 57kb)
  •  National stakeholder interviews: Global Fund PR/LFA/PIU staff (.pdf 51kb)
  •  Facility survey: government health providers & NGOs (.pdf 148kb)
  •  Frontline provider interviews: government services and NGO workers (.pdf 128kb)
  • Client interviews (.pdf 39kb)

 District Tools ? Zambia

  • Health Facility Survey - Human Resources Phase 2 ? June 2008 (.pdf 98kb)
  • Health Facility Survey ? Laboratory Services Phase 2 - June 2008 (.pdf 66kb)
  • Structured Interview with Health Facility Level Manager / NGO Manager Phase 2 ? June 2008 (.pdf 130kb)
  • Health Facility Survey ? Pharmacy Section Phase 2 ? June 2008 (.pdf 102kb)
  • Health Facility Records/Register Review Phase 2 - June 2008 (.pdf 216kb)
  • Health Worker Structured Questionnaire Phase 2 ? June 2008 (.pdf 131kb)
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