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PDF Document An analysis of the monitoring and evaluating system for district HIV and AIDS care and support services in Zambia ? Mumbwa district - 2012 Case Study Simbaya J, Mulambia C, Brugha R, Walsh A
PDF Document  "The problem is ours, it is not CRAIDS' ". Evaluating sustainability of Community Based Organisations for HIV/AIDS in a rural district in Zambia. November 2012 Globalization and Health Walsh A, Mulambia C, Brugha R,  Hanefeld J
PDF Document Has Global Fund support for civil society advocacy in the Former Soviet Union established meaningful engagement or 'a lot of jabber about nothing'? July 2012 - Health Policy and Planning Harmer A, Spicer N, Aleshkina J, Bogdan D, Chkhatarashvili K, Murzalieva G, Rukhadze N, Samiev A, Walt G
PDF Document Factors associated with the Household Income of Persons Living with HIV/AIDS in China. May 2012 - Global Journal of Health Science Zhang X, Zhang Y, Aleong T, Baker T, Fuller-Thomson E
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