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 PDF Document Understanding the effects of global health initiatives on health systems strengthening Policy Brief, May 2010
 PDF Document Multi-Country Partnerships: Adding Value to Research Policy Brief, March 2010
PDF Document Global Health Initiatives and Human Resources for HIV/AIDS Services in Malawi, Uganda and Zambia

Policy Brief, Jan 2010


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PDF Document How HIV/AIDS scale-up has impacted on non-HIV priority services in Zambia. BMC Public Health, 10: 540 Brugha, R., Simbaya, J., Walsh, A., Dicker, P., and Ndubani, P.
  Task sharing in Zambia: HIV service scale-up compounds the human resource crisis. BMC Health Services Research 10:272.
Walsh, A., Ndubani, J., Simbaya, J., Dicker, P. and Brugha, R.
  Health systems strengthening: current and future activities. Lancet,
3 September, doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(10)60679-4
Sundewall, J., Swanson, R.C., Betigeri, A., Sanders, D., Collins, T.E., Shakarishvili, G., and Brugha, R.
  The evolution of HIV policy in Vietnam: from punitive control measures to a more rights-based approach, Global Health Action, 3:4625 Ha, P.N., Pharris, A., Huong, N.T., Chuc, T.K., Brugha, R., and Thorson, A.
  Health workforce response to global health initiatives funding: a comparison of Malawi and Zambia. Human Resources for Health, 8:19 Brugha, R., Kadzandira, J., Simbaya, J., Dicker, P., Mwapasa, V., Walsh, A.
  Women, poverty and the epidemic in China: case studies on rural people living with HIV/AIDS. Illness, Crisis and Loss, 18(2), May 2010. Xiying W, Xiulan Z, Yuebin X, and Yurong Z
  National and subnational HIV/AIDS coordination: are global health initiatives closing the gap between intent and practice?  Globalization and Health, March 2010

Spicer N, Aleshkina J, Biesma R, Brugha R, Caceres C,
Chilundo B, Chkhatarashvili K, Harmer A, Miege P, Murzalieva G, Ndubani P, Rukhadze N, Semigina T, Walsh A, Walt G and Zhang X.


Conference Presentations Details
PDF Document Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin, December 2010 Aisling Walsh and Carlos Bruen: GHIs and Effects on Health Systems: Overviews and Case Studies - Presentation at RCSI, Dublin
 PDF Document Global Symposium on Health Systems Research, Montreux, 16-19th November 2010 Carlos Bruen and Ruairi Brugha: Networks, civil society and the Global Fund. Poster presented by Carlos Bruen and Ruairi Brugha
 PDF Document Global Symposium on Health Systems Research, Montreux, 16-19th November 2010 GHIN, COHRED, CREHS and CHRAIC co-hosted a pre-symposium satellite workshop on the 15th - Health policy and systems research capacity: levels, partnerships and assessment - the focus of which was country level capacity for undertaking and utilising Health Policy and Systems Research (HPSR). See our flyer and Session Summary.
  Global Symposium on Health Systems Research, Montreux, 16-19th November 2010 GHIN colleagues on the EU INCO funded 'GHIs in Africa Project' hosted a satellite session - Global Health Initiatives: From Health Systems to Global Governance
  AIDS 2010, Vienna, July 18-23rd Joseph Simbaya - Oral presentation - Monday 19th 11.00 ? 12.30 ?Impact of HIV Programs on Other Health Services and Population Health
  AIDS 2010, Vienna, July 18-23rd David Hotchkiss - Poster - Monday 19th 12:30-14:30 ?How has the scale-up of HIV/AIDS services influenced other priority health care services? Evidence from a panel of primary health care facilities in Ethiopia.
 Powerpoint Document AIDS 2010, Vienna, July 18-23rd Neil Spicer - Poster - Monday 19th 12.30-14.30 ?Has the Global Fund strengthened civil society HIV advocacy in the former Soviet Union? A study in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine.
 Powerpoint Document AIDS 2010, Vienna, July 18-23rd Aisling Walsh - Oral poster discussion - Monday 19th 13.00 ? 14.00 ?The missing link ? Non?government organisations and district level HIV/AIDS programme coordination in Zambia
 Powerpoint Document AIDS 2010, Vienna, July 18-23rd Daryna Bogdan - Poster - Weds 21st 12.30 ? 14.30 ?Influence of Global Fund (GF) on the role and capacity of civil society organizations? (CSOs) coalitions and networks in advocating for HIV related issues. A study in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine
 Powerpoint Document AIDS 2010, Vienna, July 18-23rd Aisling Walsh - Poster - Weds 21st 12.30 ? 14.30 ?Task sharing: facilities deliver PMTCT scale?up without increases in staff numbers in Zambia
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