GHIN Outputs 2008

Reports Details
PDF Document Effects of GFATM on Georgias Health System Development Draft. February 2008
PDF Document Global HIV/AIDS Initiatives in Zambia: Issues of Scale-up and Health System Capacity Interim Report. May 2008
PDF Document Tracking Global HIV/AIDS Initiatives and their Impact on the Health System in Ukraine Interim Report. March 2008
Project Briefs Details
PDF Document Briefing 1: Scale Up Access GHIN cross-country briefing sheet on scale up and access to HIV/AIDS services. April 2008
PDF Document Briefing 2: Human Resources GHIN cross-country briefing sheet on human resources. April 2008
PDF Document Briefing 3: Coordination GHIN cross-country briefing sheet on the challenge of coordination. May 2008
Conference Presentations Details
  Impact of expanded implementation of HIV services on non-HIV interventions in Malawi  Mwapasa V.
PDF Document HIV/AIDS workload and staff motivation in Zambia and Malawi: comparative effects of global HIV/AIDS initiatives Mwapasa V 2008
PDF Document The effects of global health initiatives in concentrated epidemics: emerging findings from the Global HIV/AIDS Initiatives Network  Neil Spicer
PDF Document Effects of the projects funded by the Global Fund over organisations of people living with HIV/AIDS Clara Sandoval
PDF Document Conflicts of interest limit the CCMs monitoring and evaluation functions: partial findings from the GHIN Peru-based study López, Sandoval, Chirinos
PDF Document Decentralisation, regional spaces and the national response against HIV/AIDS in Peru. Partial findings from GHIN?s Peru based study Sandoval, López, Chirinos, Cáceres
  Lessons learned from the implementation of the GFATM ? supported HIV/AIDS project in Peru. Effects on the health sector, civil society and affected communities Cáceres, López, Pajuelo, Vásquez, Valverde, Rosasco, Sandoval, Girón, Chirinos, Silva Santisteban, Zevallos
  People Living with HIV/AIDS perceptions about health care services and ARV uptake. Partial findings from GHIN?s Peru based study Girón, Valverde, Rosasco, Cevallos, Cáceres


Stigma, discrimination and equity of access to benefits of GFATM-financed projects - partial findings of the global HIV/AIDS initiatives network's Peru-based Study Girón, Valverde, Rosasco, Cevallos, Cáceres
Powerpoint Document Centres, Peripheries, Globalised Research and National Science Carlos F. Cáceres, MD, PhD and Walter Mendoza, MD Nov 2007
Powerpoint Document The effects of GFATM on equitable access?Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan Neil Spicer, Gulgun Murzalieva and Tetyana Semigina
Powerpoint Document Equity in Research Governance Ruairí  Brugha, Global Forum for Health Research
Powerpoint Document The Influence of the Global Fund on Coordination at the Sub-national Level - The case of Duyun City (China) (.ppt 543kb) Zhang Xiulan, Pierre Miège and Zhang Yurong
Beijing Normal University November 2007
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