Tracking Global HIV/AIDS Initiatives in Vietnam: Harmonization, Systems Capacity and Equity in Access to Care

Study Aim

The overall aim of the proposed tracking Global HIV/AIDS initiatives (GHIs) research in Vietnam is to analyse the management and organisation of the GHIs as well as to analyse the impact of these GHIs on the health system in three selected Vietnamese districts, and further to disseminate this evidence to policy makers, managers and researchers at national and international level. A national policy level analysis will aim to provide an understanding of the initiatives and their intended interaction with existing health systems in implementation. The focus in the study will be on actual implementation at provincial/district levels.


The study will look at the following areas as components of the impact of GHIs on the health system:

  • Management and Organisation;
  • Human Resources;
  • Resource Allocation;
  • Quality of Care;
  • Equity and Access.

Country Team

  • Principal Investigator: .
    Hanoi Medical University, Hanoi, Vietnam

Research Partners

  • Hanoi Medical University, Vietnam
  • Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden
Sponsored by DFID, Danida, Irish Aid