The Impact of Global Fund on Equity, Financial Protection and Social Assistance Policy Development on HIV/AIDS Families in China

Study Aim

The study aims to assess the extent to which the Global Fund and the government social and health protection policy have met the needs of HIV/AIDS families by comparing provinces that receive interventions with those without.


Themes include the effects of the Global Fund on:

  • Policy changes, programme design & implementation of Global Fund services & government social/health protection programmes including issues of service delivery efficiency, equity and quality
  • Experiences of HIV/AIDS-affected families including access to services, sources of support, stigma & coping strategies

Country Team

  • Principal Investigator: .
    Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China

Research Funder

  • Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research

China Study Outputs

  • Factors associated with the Household Income of Persons Living with HIV/AIDS in China..
  • The Impact of the Global Fund HIV/AIDS Programmes on Coordination and Coverage of Financial Assistance Schemes for People Living with HIV/AIDS and their Families.
  • The Influence of the Global Fund on Coordination at the Sub-national Level - The case of Duyun City (.ppt).
  • Context of HIV/AIDS and Global Initiatives in China.
Sponsored by DFID, Danida, Irish Aid