The Effects of Enhanced Availability of Funding from Global Health Initiatives on the Distribution, Retention and Motivation of Health Workers in Uganda

Study Aim

The study aim is to research the effects of enhanced availability of funding from Global Health Initiatives on the distribution, retention and motivation of health workers in Uganda.

Research objectives

  1. to assess how the GHIs influence the national, district and health facilities by altering variables such as available resources, payment mechanisms, job market and training for health workers, and program implementation designs;
  2. to assess how the GHIs influences are transmitted between national, district and facility levels and the dynamics relations that arise from these interactions; to establish the effect of the GHIs on the national and district health systems in terms of equity in distribution, training and recruitment of the health workforce;
  3. to assess the organisational responses to GHIs and how they affect the staff profile, retention and organisational work environment i.e. systems for inputs, incentives and support and to assess the coping behaviors and motivation of the health workers in response to the effects of the GHIs experienced by health facilities such as workload, training, time allocation between tasks, dual job holding and the equity in the distribution of job benefits.

Country team

  • Principal Investigator:
    Department of Health Policy Planning and Management, Makerere University Institute of Public Health, Kampala, Uganda

Research Funder

  • Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research
Sponsored by DFID, Danida, Irish Aid