Effects of Global HIV/AIDS Funding Initiatives on Human Resource for Health in Tanzania

Study Aim

The study aim is to research the effects of the increased funding for HIV/AIDS on the health system, specifically on human resource for health

Study Objectives

  1. To determine the type of HIV/AIDS services delivered, coverage & timing
  2. To analyze the contexts related to HIV/AIDS services roll-out
  3. To determine the process and structural quality of HIV/AIDS care compared to non-core services
  4. To determine the effect of GHI funding for HIV/AIDS activities on distribution of human resource for health (no., gender, qualification, years of experience)
  5. To determine the effect of GHI funding for HIV/AIDS activities on the way health workers allocate time between different type of activities & services
  6. To determine the extent training on HIV/AIDS is harmonized with that of non-focal diseases
  7. To compare salaries & incentives paid by GHI, HIV/AIDS supported activities and those paid by public and private health employers
  8. To determine the ability of public sector to retain staff trained under the GHI

Country team

  • Principal Investigator: .
    The School of Public Health and Social Sciences, Muhimbili University, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Research Funder

  • Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research
Sponsored by DFID, Danida, Irish Aid