Objectives of GHIN

Working as a research network rather than as individual teams has a number of distinct advantages. The members of the Global HIV/AIDS Initiatives Network (GHIN) agreed that the Network would pursue the following objectives:


To facilitate communication between Network research groups and between the Network and GHIs, donors, global policy makers and other stakeholders, leading to lower transaction costs.

Share Research Experience and Resources

To share research methods, tools, lessons learned and findings in order to promote the quality of outputs, build capacity and avoid duplication.

Maximise Comparability

To facilitate comparisons, analyses and the production of cross-country syntheses of findings, and lessons learned across countries, regions, epidemics and health systems contexts.


To stimulate debate, enhance knowledge and promote policy uptake at country and global levels.

Communicating Findings, Influencing Policy

The strategies employed by the global HIV/AIDS initiatives are constantly evolving, and the questions that the researchers within the Network are addressing are live ones. GHIN members recognise that findings from the studies need to be channelled into policy debates at the country and global levels on an ongoing basis.

Country research teams have been interacting with country stakeholders, including policymakers and civil society organisations, from an early stage to help ensure the policy relevance of their studies. The GHIN coordinators have been interacting in the same way with global stakeholders, also taking steps to ensure that communication is established and coordination is promoted with other large, multi-country evaluations of the major global HIV/AIDS initiatives.

Regular ongoing interactions will both inform decision makers and continue to shape research questions. Findings from the individual studies will be synthesised across countries and packaged into short policy briefs that focus upon ongoing country and global debates of particular relevance to policy makers, representatives of multilateral (including UNAIDS) and donor agencies, and of global HIV/AIDS initiatives.

Sponsored by DFID, Danida, Irish Aid