Tracking global HIV/AIDS initiatives and their impact on health systems in Ukraine

Study Aim

The study aim is to research the national and sub-national systems effects of the Global Health Initiatives (GHIs) focusing on sub-national scale-up, health systems capacity, coordination and harmonisation, human resources and access and equity. The major focus is on the sub-national level.


Themes include the effects of Global Health Initiatives on:

Sub-national scale-up

  • Trends over time in sub-national scale-up of HIV/AIDS and non-HIV/AIDS services
  • The effects of global HIV/AIDS initiatives on HIV/AIDS service quality

Health systems capacity

  • Health systems capacity including human resources
  • National/sub-national coordination, harmonisation and alignment
  • Supply of commodities and equipment

Equitable access

  • Institutional/programmatic factors determining HIV service accessibility
  • Household/community factors determining HIV service accessibility

Country Team

Research Partners

Research Funder

Sponsored by DFID, Danida, Irish Aid